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When you play matka, you always aspire to win money. Though we all know that matka does not guarantee winnings every time, still losses are unwelcome. Unlike the old fashioned matka booking, the online matka has more probability of making money using verified LS Games. Playing online matka becomes far more accessible with the LS Games app.

Introducing LS Games?

LS Games is a suitable place to enjoy gambling in live matka bazars, Regular, King, and Starline. Multiple submarkets are categorized under these primary markets, and you can enjoy playing them at your convenience using the LS Games app.

Why LS Games?

We understand your query about why we recommend you all to play and make money on LS Games. The popularity of the livematka markets as a source of making quick money resulted in the emergence of numerous competitors. Finding a reliable and trustable site is essential, or you get trapped in fraud and lose money. We list down some points to understand well why to select LS Games.

→ It is a verified platform with a vast user base because of its genuine services in matka games.

→ Registration is free, and downloading the associated application will let you commence the games at your choice and convenience.

→ You need not frequently change the platform to enjoy new matka in the market. The site updates all the games and features regularly.

→ You need not frequently change the platform to enjoy new matka in the market. The site updates all the games and features regularly.

→ The primary live markets and their submarkets are listed with their results timings. The matka names clarify whether it is a day or night game with its result timings. It helps, especially beginners, to understand the details of the games.

→ The live results in the app get further recorded and published on the site in Panel and Jodi charts separately for players’ future consideration and analysis. The results are displayed in a tabular format in a day-wise fashion making it easier to understand.

→ The users and visitors on LS Games appreciate a guessing forum feature because several players to date have experienced great winnings selecting the numbers published in that section and known as guessing tips.

→ Sometimes, we need professionals and experienced people to assist us in our games. Even multiple practices could not result in gaining expected profits. Now, the users have live chat options on the site, and they can gain enormous knowledge from industry top players. Apart from resolving queries and gaining knowledge, they get to learn master tips from them.

→ Practice makes a man perfect, and reading adds more knowledge to you. The influential blogs and articles explaining the game terminologies, game variations, game tricks and tips, etc., are regularly published. These contents are provided by the best players and experienced ones who have gathered tremendous knowledge about matka gambling in their years’ of gambling.

→ Apart from matka games, the site has some exciting online casino games for everyone. Anyone can enjoy both matka and casino games simultaneously.

→ The available features, services, and blogs on the site are accessible free to anyone who likes to take advantage of them.


Game Type Open Time Close Time
Kalyan 04:48 PM 06:48 PM
Balaji Day 12:30 PM 01:30 PM
Rajdhani Night 09:30 PM 11:45 PM
Time Kalyan 12:40 PM 2:40 PM
Main Mumbai 09:40 PM 11:59 PM
Morning Syndicate 02:30 PM 03:30 PM
Milan Day 03:00PM 05:00PM
Syndicate Night 08:10 PM 09:10 PM
Milan Night 08:55 PM 10:55 PM
Main Ratan Day 03:15 PM 05:15 PM
Main Sridevi 11:45 PM 12:45 PM
Janta Day 04:30 PM 6:30 PM
Bhootnath Morning 10:30 AM 12:30 PM
Madhuri 11:00 AM 12:00 PM
Dhanlaxmi Day 12:30 PM 02:30 PM
Madhuri Night 08:30 PM 10:30 PM

1 L+









Regular Bazar

  • Single Akda - ₹1 pe ₹10
  • Jodi - ₹1 pe ₹100
  • Single Panna - ₹1 pe ₹150
  • Double Panna - ₹1 pe ₹300
  • Tripple Panna - ₹1 pe ₹800
  • Sangam - ₹1 pe ₹100

King Bazar

  • Single Digit - ₹1 pe ₹10
  • Second Digit - ₹1 pe ₹10
  • Jodi - ₹1 pe ₹100


Starline Bazar

  • Single Akda - ₹1 pe ₹10
  • Single Panna - ₹1 pe ₹150
  • Double Panna - ₹1 pe ₹300
  • Tripple Panna - ₹1 pe ₹800

Play Online Casino and win big At LS Games App

If you are looking to make quick money online by risking a negligible amount in your favourite games, then visit LS Games and play online casinos. Do not get astonished as now LS Games is much more than only a platform for live matka gambling. And the best advice for users and visitors is to download the associated application quickly and not miss beautiful chances to learn, play, and make profits at your convenience.

People who love card games or table games will be excited to find a list of games like teen patti, andharbahar, dragon tiger, roulette, poker, rummy, baccarat, etc.

Now players on LS Games have an excellent option to get rid of boredom from a straight game in matka. Sometimes, users can distract minds from consistent losses, and online casinos on LS Games are the best choice. Do not worry about the game results as all is set technically, and no human interference in altering the results.

On top of that, if you like acquiring assistance in any game, feel free to call a support team and resolve your queries.


Madhur Shekhawat

LS Games App is an amazing online betting platform. On this app, I have played Regular Games, Starline Games along with Online casino. I won lots of money. Various kinds of casino games are here.

WON : ₹ 70,000

Shahir Sheikh

I have been playing on this platform since last year. I am so happy to win real cash rewards. Here I will play online casino along with live matka games. I feel secure to play online matka on this app. Thank you L.S. Games App.

WON : ₹ 70,000

Rakesh Trivedi

It is the best app for online matka Betting, casino, poker, Andar Bahar games. I did not expect that I would win real cash by playing on this app. I completely loved it! And it is very easy to understand. Thanks to L.S. Games App.

WON : ₹ 65,000

Arjun Patel

L.S Games Bahut mast aur safe app hai. Turant hi paise jama ho gaye. Withdrawal ki service bahut fast hai. Customer Care Support bhi kafi helpful hai. I love the L.S Games App.

WON : ₹ 55,000